Seminar Schedule 2017-2018

CSCS Seminar Schedule Semester 1 2017

Seminars are held on TUESDAYS at 5.30pm, in ROOM 202, 3 UNIVERSITY GARDENS (unless marked with *)

*Tuesday, 19 September

T.C. Smout (Historiographer Royal) Chair: Catriona Macdonald
This event is followed by a wine reception sponsored by the Hunterian Museum.

Tuesday, 26 September 

Gilbert Márkus (Glasgow), ‘Outside the Whale: Conceiving a Nation’ seminar and book-launch

Tuesday, 3 October 

Welcome evening for all Centre staff and postgraduates

*Tuesday, 10 October

Steve Boardman; Dauvit Broun; Stephen Driscoll Chair: Thomas Clancy

Tuesday, 17 October

Simon Taylor (Glasgow) ‘The Place-Names of Kinross-shire’ Seminar and book-launch

Tuesday, 24 October

Carole Hough (Glasgow) ‘Recovering the earliest English language of Scotland’

*Tuesday, 31 October

Keith Brown; Roger Mason Chair: Alison Cathcart

Tuesday, 7 November

Heather James (Calluna Archaeology) ‘Inchinnan: St Conval to All Hallows’

*Tuesday, 14 November

Modern Scotland: cultural, political and social perspectives
Callum Brown; Richard Finlay; W. Hamish Fraser Chair: Catriona Macdonald

*Tuesday, 14 November

Roger Wilson (University of British Columbia) ‘The archaeology of Roman Sicily’
Week-long lecture series. Further details to come.

Tuesday, 21 November

Cynthia Thickpenny (Glasgow) ‘Making Key Pattern In Insular Art’

*Tuesday, 28 November

Ronald Black ‘How did the Reformation change the Gaelic world?’

*Friday, 1 December

Alan Riach, Henry Marsh and the Miguda Quartet
poetry and string quartet evening

*Tuesday, 5 December

HISTORICAL CONVERSATIONS Eighteenth Century Scotland
Allan Macinnes; Murray Pittock; Chris Whatley Chair: Stephen Mullen

CSCS Seminar Schedule Semester 3 2017

Tuesday, 2 May

Robert Maslen, Geraldine Parsons, and Thomas Clancy (University of Glasgow), ‘Celtic Fantasy: A Round-Table Discussion’

Tuesday, 9 May

Prof Stephen Boardman (University of Edinburgh), ‘Personal names and bynames in Late Medieval Scotland’

CSCS Seminar Schedule Spring 2017

Seminars are held at 5.30pm, in ROOM 202, 3 UNIVERSITY GARDENS (unless marked with *)

Click links of past seminars for summaries

Tuesday, 10 January

Fabrice Bensimon (Université Paris-Sorbonne), ‘Scottish Workers in Nineteenth-Century France’

Tuesday, 17 January

Adrian Maldonado (University of Glasgow), ‘Pop Culture Picts and the Imaginary Hadrian’s Wall’

Tuesday, 24 January

Prof Gerard Carruthers (University of Glasgow), ‘Robert Burns, Glasgow, Song’ with music by Alison and Fiona McNeill

Tuesday, 31 January

Sheila Kidd (University of Glasgow) ‘Còmhraidhean nan Cnoc. The Nineteenth Century Gaelic Prose Dialogue’

Tuesday, 14 February

Anouk Busset (University of Glasgow), ‘Crafting Christian Landscapes: Early Medieval Stone Sculpture in North-Western Europe’

Tuesday, 21 February

Alasdair Whyte (University of Glasgow), ‘Settlement-Names and Society: the medieval districts of Forsa and Moloros, Mull’

Tuesday, 28 February

Alison Cathcart (University of Strathclyde), ‘James VI and I and the ‘dark corners’ of his kingdoms’

Tuesday, 7 March*

Joint Seminar with First Millennia Studies Group

Ewan Campbell and Adrian Maldonado (University of Glasgow), ‘Rethinking the archaeology of early medieval Iona: reassessment and recent work’

Tuesday, 14 March

Dòmhnall Uilleam Stiùbhart (University of the Highlands and Islands), ‘A bheil àite ann dha tùsan Gàidhlig ann an eachdraidh na Gàidhealtachd? (Is there a place for Gaelic sources in the history of the Gàidhealtachd?)’

Tuesday, 28 March*

John Durkan Memorial Lecture

Roger Mason (University of St. Andrews), ‘Patriotic Propaganda during the Rough Wooing’

CSCS Seminar Schedule Autumn 2016

Seminars are held at 5.30pm, in ROOM 202, 3 UNIVERSITY GARDENS (unless marked with *)

Click links of past seminars for summaries

Thursday, 29 September

Dr. Andrew Mackillop (Aberdeen), ‘Scots Law and the British Empire, c. 1750-1820’

Tuesday, 18 October

Thomas Clancy (Glasgow), ‘Sequencing Dafydd ap Gwilym’

Tuesday, 25 October

Claire Hawes (Aberdeen), ‘Politics and the Public Domain in the Later Fifteenth Century’

Monday, 31 October

Louise Welsh (Glasgow), Stephen Mullen (Glasgow) and Michael Hopcroft (Glasgow Caledonian), ‘The Public History of Scotland and Caribbean Slavery’

Tuesday, 8 November

Geraldine Parsons (Glasgow), ‘Expanding the conversation: a previously unedited poem from Acallam na Senórach’

The Dalrymple Lectures*

Monday, 14 November

Prof Roger Stalley (Trinity College Dublin), ‘The stone crosses of Ireland and the sculpture of early medieval Europe. The sculptor and his craft’

[This lecture will take place in the Charles Wilson Building at 6.30pm]

Tuesday, 15 November

Prof Roger Stalley (Trinity College Dublin), ‘The stone crosses of Ireland and the sculpture of early medieval Europe. Artistic Identity’

 [This lecture will take place in the Charles Wilson Building at 6.30pm]

Wednesday, 16 November

Prof Roger Stalley (Trinity College Dublin), ‘The stone crosses of Ireland and the sculpture of early medieval Europe. In Search of Meaning’

 [This lecture will take place in the Charles Wilson Building at 6.30pm]

Thursday, 17 November

Prof Roger Stalley (Trinity College Dublin), ‘The stone crosses of Ireland and the sculpture of early medieval Europe. Stone carving in the Early Medieval world’

 [This lecture will take place in the Charles Wilson Building at 7.30pm]

Monday, 28 November*

Cathy Swift (Director of Irish Studies in Mary Immaculate College, University of Limerick), ‘Early Irish Migrations to Scotland – Difficulties, Debates and DNA’

[Please note that this lecture will take place in Room 208, 2 University Gardens at 3.00pm]

Tuesday, 29 November

Angus Matheson Memorial Lecture*

Prof Elizabeth FitzPatrick (NUI Galway), ‘Finn macCumaill’s Places’

[This lecture will take place in the Alexander Stone Building]

Tuesday, 6 December

David Archibald (Film & TV) and Stephen Driscoll (Glasgow), Screening ‘Govan Young’ by Connelly Clark Films. Followed by a presentation on ‘Govan Old: Seeking a Sustainable Future’

[Christmas Social Event]


CSCS Seminar Schedule Spring 2016
All seminars are held on TUESDAYS at 5.30pm, in
ROOM 202, 3 UNIVERSITY GARDENS (unless marked with *)

Click links of past seminars for summaries

19 January

Daniel Szechi (Manchester), ‘The Long Shadow of 1715.  The Great Jacobite Rebellion in Jacobite Politics and Memory — a  Preliminary Analysis’ [jointly with the Scottish Centre for War Studies]

*26 January

Chris Whatley (Dundee), ‘Manufacturing Robert Burns, 1859-1896: George Square to Irvine Moor’ [jointly with the Centre for Robert Burns Studies] ROOM 412 (LTB), BOYD ORR BUILDING

*2 February

An Early Medieval Miscellany: Alice Blackwell (National Museums of Scotland),  ‘The hacksilver hoard from Gaulcross, Aberdeenshire’; Martin Cook (AOC Archaeology), ‘A recent burial find from Orkney’; Ewan Campbell (Glasgow), ‘Some recent early Medieval finds from Rhynie’ [jointly with the First Millennia Study Group] NB ROOM 407 (LTA), BOYD ORR BUILDING; SEMINAR BEGINS AT 6PM

9 February

Denis Rixson (Mallaig), ‘Land-assessment in the west highlands’

16 February

Alasdair MacDonald (Groningen/Glasgow), ‘George Lauder: early modern Scottish poet and soldier’

23 February

Alexandra Bergholm (Helsinki), ‘Lament for the Dead in Early Irish Tradition: A Gendered Genre?’

1 March

Chris McMillan (Glasgow), ‘The Scots in Ulster and the “Colonial” Enterprise of Thomas Devereux, Earl of Essex, 1573-75’

8 March

Nyree Finlay (Glasgow), ‘Anticipatory Ancestry: why relational pasts matter’

15 March

Rob Maslen (Glasgow), ‘”The Political Imagination”: Irish Fantasy Writers and the Easter Rising’

*22 March

The Second Annual John Durkan Memorial Lecture

                        Alan MacQuarrie (Glasgow), ‘Roderick MacLean of Iona (d. 1553): a renaissance Humanist from the Western Isles’ [this seminar will take place in the Lecture Theatre, Sir Alexander Stone Building, at 5.30 pm; more details to follow]

19 April

Katja Ritari (Helsinki), ‘Narrating the Irish story of conversion: the earliest lives of St Patrick and the formation of Irish Christian identity’

26 April

Fraser Hunter and Martin Goldberg (National Museums of Scotland), ‘Looking behind Celts: views from an exhibition

3 May

Alice Taylor (King’s College London), ‘The Shape of the State in Medieval Scotland 1124-1290’

10 May

Daniel Huws (former Keeper of MSS, National Library of Wales), ‘A thousand years of Welsh scribes’

17 May

Ian Campbell (University of Edinburgh), ‘An inventory of a fragment of Alexander Seton’s library at Pinkie House’

CSCS Seminar Schedule 2015

Click links of past seminars for summaries

6 October

Prof Dauvit Broun, ‘Ireland and the beginnings of Scotland’

13 October

Rachel Barrowman, ‘Thinking local on the late medieval stronghold of Dùn Èistean, Isle of Lewis’

20 October

Mike Russell, ‘Werner Kissling – A Different Country. The story of the German ethnologist who made the first ever film in Gaelic’

27 October

Susan Buckham, ‘New thinking on Govan Old’

3 November

Lizanne Henderson, ‘Fairies, Angels, and the Land of the Dead: Robert Kirk’s Lychnobious People’

10 November

Alex Woolf (St Andrews), ‘Ecclesia Scoticana: The Irish and Scottish Church in the tenth to twelfth centuries’

17 November

Miles Kerr-Peterson (Glasgow), ‘Reformation, bloodfeud and east coast shipping: the Earls Marischal 1542-1623’

24 November

Stephen Harrison (Glasgow), ‘The Battle of Clontarf 1014 – Literature, Legend and Landscape’

1 December

*The Tenth Annual Angus Matheson Memorial Lecture 

Thomas Owen Clancy (Glasgow), ‘On our terms: “Celtic” and “Celts”

This will take place in the Lecture Theatre of the Sir Alexander Stone Building.

8 December

A Celebration of the poet George Campbell Hay/Deòrsa Mac Iain Dheòrsa (Born 8 December 1915)

CSCS Seminar Schedule 2014

Click links for summaries

14 January

Dr Catriona MacDonald, ‘How British is Scotland? Romancing the Union’

21 January

Dr Karly Kehoe, ‘Our Worthy Countrymen?: Highland Development and the West Indies, 1750-1850’

28 January

Ross Crawford, ‘The Massacre of Eigg in 1577’

4 February

Prof Alan Riach, ‘How British is Scotland? Anglification and the Arts of Resistance’

11 February

Dr Domhnall Uilleam Stiubhart (Sabhal Mòr Ostaig and University of Edinburgh), ‘A Murder Mystery from Barra: The Killing of the Big Parson, 1609’

18 February

Dr Gillian Kenny (Trinity College Dublin), ‘The “Mammy” Effect – Tracing cultural exchange through intermarriage in later medieval Ireland’

25 February

Prof Dauvit Broun, ‘How British is Scotland? Britain and Scottish Independence in the Middle Ages’

4 March 

Prof Richard Sharpe (University of Oxford), ‘Irish manuscript auctions in the early nineteenth century: markets, collectors, libraries’

11 March

Martin Cook (AOC) ‘Recent work on Pictish barrows’ and Dr Gordon Noble (Aberdeen University) ‘An update on Rhynie’

18 March

Prof Lynn Abrams, ‘How British is Scotland? A Gendered Perspective’

1 April

Prof Alan Riach, ‘Scotland and New Zealand: poetry, fiction and the fact of the nation state’

8 April

Prof Bill Sweeney, ‘How British is Scotland? Harmonic Fantasy or Unresolved Dissonance?’

29 April

Prof Stephen Driscoll & Dr Ewan Campbell, ‘How British is Scotland? Archaeological Origins of Scotland’

6 May

David Cochran-Yu, ‘The Earldom of Ross and an Intrusive Bishop: The Impact of Thomas Tulloch on MacDonald Lordship in Ross, 1440-1461’

13 May

Dr Kate Mathis, ‘”An Ideal Wife?” Alexander Carmichael’s Deirdire and Revivalist ideals of beauty, dignity and death’

20 May

Prof Thomas Clancy, ‘How British is Scotland? Celtic Perspectives on Multiculturalism’

10 June

Prof Murray Pittock, ‘How British is Scotland? Flying the Flag for the Union? Scotland 2014: Yes or No, What Happens Next’


CSCS Seminar Schedule 2013

1 October

Dr. Anne MacLeod, ‘Hidden Detail? The Human Element in Visual Responses to the Highland Landscape c.1750-1850’.


8 October

Professor Richard Finlay (University of Strathclyde), ‘Scotland’s Forgotten Imperial Legacy: The War Against Islam in the Late Nineteenth Century’.


15 October

Dr. Andrew MacKillop (University of Aberdeen), ‘Before the Commonwealth: Scotland as an Imperial Nation’.


22 October

Prof Jim Hunter (University of the Highlands and Islands), ‘Learning to love the marquis: A family story from clearance-era Sutherland’.


29 October

Nicola Carty, ‘The development of Gaelic language skills by adult learners’.


5 November

Jackie Kemp, ‘1979: Scotland’s First Constitutional Referendum’.


12 November

Professor Dauvit Broun, ‘Rethinking Scottish Origins’.


19 November

Dr Sìm Innes, ‘Hector or Conall Cearnach: Heroic Choices in MacMhuirich Poetry’.


26 November

Dr Aidan Doyle (University College Cork), ‘Language and Religion in Ireland 1800-1870′.


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