CSCS Seminar Schedule 2021-2022

SEMINAR PROGRAMME Semester 1, Session 2021-2022

All webinar events will take place online (via Zoom) and commence at 5.30pm: you should register in advance for a free ‘ticket’ on the Eventbrite link below.

28 September 2021: FILM PREMIER, ‘Air fhògair is air fhalbhan (Exiles and Vagabonds)’, Brittnee Leysen, Viki Marker, Alasdair Whyte

5 October 2021: Online Welcome Event, 5.30pm (Glasgow University staff and students only). Contact for details using your UofG email address.

19 October 2021: ‘Rewriting Football History from the Ground Up’, Ged O’Brien

2 November 2021: ‘Representing the People?: Disenchantment and democracy in Scottish politics during the 1960s and 1970s’, Malcolm Petrie

9 November 2021: ‘The Poet, the Unprincipled Prostitute and the Perjured Blockhead’, Kevin Gallagher

23 November 2021: BOOK LAUNCH, Human Capital and Empire: Scotland, Ireland and British Imperialism in Asia, c.1690-c.1820 by Andrew Mackillop, with special guests, Stephen Mullen and Corinne Fowler.

We will announce our programme for semester 2 in December when we hope it may be possible to arrange some face-to-face activities.