Exploring the shore of the Gael by sailboat with Dr Stephen Harrison and Professor Stephen Driscoll

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This year’s seminar series began with a fascinating travel presentation about a two-week sailboat trip from Largs to Kerrara Island and back with an exploration of medieval archaeology on the islands in between. The talk was delivered by Dr Stephen Harrison and Professor Stephen Driscoll, lecturers in Archaeology at the University of Glasgow. Before introducing… Continue reading

‘“Rhythms and Images and Legends are everywhere”: George Mackay Brown’s Orkney’ – Dr. Linden Bicket

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On the 14th of May 2019, the Centre had the pleasure of welcoming Dr Linden Bicket for the final seminar of this series, and thus aptly coming full circle by concluding on a topic dedicated to our theme: ‘Islands’. As the rays of the ever-hopeful Glaswegian sunshine glimmered through the windows on University Avenue, Prof… Continue reading

Professor Barry Lewis, ‘Narratives of early British Christianity in Jocelin’s Life of St Kentigern and other 12th-century texts’

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On the 30th of April 2019 the Centre was delighted to welcome Professor Barry Lewis from the Dublin Institute of Advanced Studies, who spoke about the negotiation of Britishness in Jocelin’s Life of St. Kentigern (aptly, the patron saint of Glasgow). Prior to his time at DIAS, Professor Lewis worked at the Centre for Advanced… Continue reading

Comasan Labhairt ann an Gàidhlig: Developing a World-Class Resource for Gaelic Learning and Teaching

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On Tuesday 23rd April 2019, the Centre was very pleased to welcome our very own Dr Nicola Carty, who was eager to give us an update on Comasan Labhairt ann an Gàidhlig (CLAG): a project based in Celtic and Gaelic in collaboration with Gaelic Studies at the University of Aberdeen, which aims to develop a… Continue reading

Steve Murdoch – ‘Preparation and Propaganda: Building the Army of the Covenant, 1633-1639’

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Was the Covenanting rebellion of 1639-1640 a conspiracy? That was the question which Professor Steve Murdoch (University of St Andrews) set himself during his paper for the Centre for Scottish and Celtic Studies on Tuesday 9 March. The Centre eagerly welcomed Professor Murdoch, one of the most celebrated authorities on early modern Scotland and Europe,… Continue reading

Dalrymple lecture series 2018-2019: Professor Gavin Lucas on the Archaeology of Time

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Time is a fundamental concern for both archaeology and history. On the 18th of February, the annual Dalrymple Lectures welcomed Professor Gavin Lucas of University of Iceland who delivered a series of four evening lectures on the archaeology of time. He gave a comprehensive review of his scholarship on time which was as fascinating as… Continue reading

Island Cultures, Island Heritage, Island Futures

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On Tuesday 26th February, the Centre was delighted to welcome two very special Hebridean guests, Calum MacLeod and Agnes Rennie, who co­­ntinued our Islands series with a fascinating and heartening discussion of the different aspects of contemporary island life. Both talks were concerned with community ownership of land, and the ways in which this can… Continue reading

Professor Andrew McNeillie – ‘Theatres in the Round – Islands, Islanders, and Audiences: or backstage, stalls and gods: in the Unnameable Archipelago’.

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On the 12th of February, the Centre had the pleasure of welcoming Professor Andrew McNeillie to give the annual Tannahill lecture. Professor Gerard Carruthers introduced the event, outlining that it is in remembrance of Andrew Tannahill, with the bequest established in 2006 for the furtherance of the study of Scottish Literature. We were introduced to… Continue reading

‘Scotland on the Early Modern European Cultural Map’ – Prof Alasdair MacDonald and Dr Steven Reid

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On the 22nd of January 2019, the Centre had the pleasure of welcoming Prof Alasdair MacDonald (Emeritus Professor of English Language and Literature of the Middle Ages, University of Groningen), and our very own Dr Steven Reid (Senior Lecturer in Scottish History, University of Glasgow). The focus of the evening was ‘Scotland on the Early… Continue reading