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‘Govan Young and Old: Towards a Sustainable Future’

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On 6 December 2016, the Centre welcomed Dr. Stephen Driscoll (University of Glasgow) and Dr. David Archibald (University of Glasgow Film & TV Studies) to discuss ‘Govan Old: towards a Sustainable Future’ and to present the short film Govan Young. Stephen began by saying that this lecture was meant to stimulate discussion on what constitutes sustainability and… Continue reading

‘A Royal Archaeology Lesson at the Forteviot Fête 2014’ by Professor Stephen Driscoll

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Kings were once commonplace at Forteviot. At the height of its importance in the ninth century, it was the residence of the most powerful northern kings of their age: the Pictish Constantine son of Fergus and Cinaed mac Alpin. It has been a long time since there was a royal assembly held at Forteviot, possibly… Continue reading