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‘Govan Young and Old: Towards a Sustainable Future’

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On 6 December 2016, the Centre welcomed Dr. Stephen Driscoll (University of Glasgow) and Dr. David Archibald (University of Glasgow Film & TV Studies) to discuss ‘Govan Old: towards a Sustainable Future’ and to present the short film Govan Young. Stephen began by saying that this lecture was meant to stimulate discussion on what constitutes sustainability and… Continue reading

‘New thinking on Govan Old’

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On 27 October, 2015, the Centre welcomed Susan Buckham (Stirling) to discuss ‘New thinking on Govan Old’. Below is this listener’s brief summary of the lecture. It is well known that Govan Old was an important political centre of the kingdom of Strathclyde from the 9th through the 11th centuries AD. Thirty-one surviving carved stone monuments from… Continue reading