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‘Early Irish Migrations to Scotland – Difficulties, Debates and DNA’

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On 28 November, 2016, the Centre welcomed Cathy Swift (Director of Irish Studies in Mary Immaculate College, University of Limerick) to discuss ‘Early Irish Migrations to Scotland – Difficulties, Debates and DNA.’ Diasporic peoples are becoming increasingly interested in where their ancestors came from, especially people from the United States and Australia. Recently, DNA analysis has… Continue reading

‘Anticipatory Ancestry: why relational pasts matter’

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On 8 March, 2016, the Centre for Scottish and Celtic Studies welcomed Nyree Finlay (Glasgow) to discuss ‘Anticipatory Ancestry: why relational pasts matter.’ Below is this listener’s brief summary of the lecture. Nyree began by explaining that the aims of this lecture were to contextualize the venture into Ancestral Studies that she and Nicole Meehan are… Continue reading